CiviQuo’s RCBI Risk Assessment Framework
By Yakof Agius
Yakof Agius, Founder and CEO of CiviQuo, is the co-creator of the first RCBI risk matrix, which is considered by many as a benchmark. Through further independent research, we are pleased to bring to you the industry’s first Risk Assessment Framework.

CiviQuo’s RAF is currently the most advanced risk assessment framework for the residency and citizenship by investment industry. The RAF can be used by Residency-by-investment units (RIUs) and Citizenship-by-investment units (CIUs), service providers, intermediaries and any other industry stakeholder who engages in the assessment of risks related to RCBI applications.

CiviQuo’s Risk Assessment Framework enables you to:

  1. Use a standardised risk assessment framework;
  2. Systematically and objectively review applications;
  3. Take a structured approach towards assessing risks;
  4. Identify areas of risk associated with a specific application;
  5. Streamline the process of assessing RCBI applications risks between intermediaries, service providers, RIUs and CIUs;

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 CiviQuo’s RAF is licensed under the creative commons attribution-sharealike 4.0 international license. to view a copy of this license, visit