French Talent Passport marked Business investor

Residency | Access to Schengen Area

The French Talent Passport marked ‘Business investor' programme, is regulated by Law no 2016-274 of 7th March 2016

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  • Mobility : Access to Schengen Area

  • Minimum Capital Outlay : 300,220

  • Application Processing Time : ~ 3 Months

  • Physical Presence : Required

  • Minimum Criteria : Investment required in a Business, Capital Investment or Investment Project

  • Pre-requisites : Main applicant must be at least 18 years of age;Clean personal background with no criminal record;

About France

France is bordered by Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Andorra and Spain, and has a population of approximately 67 Million. Its capital is Paris, and the official language spoken is French. France adopted the euro as its official currency in 2002.

As Europe's second most attractive country, France enjoys a positive perception by foriegn investors. The majority of foreign businesses in France have a positive view of their investment in the country. France is seen as a country where it is easy to do business, which is committed to reform and has an innovative economy. Complemented by a renowned gastronomy, 37 UNESCO world heritage sites, beautiful beaches, ski resorts and a unique culture, it is no surprise that France is consistently one of the most visited countries in the world.

Benefits of the French Talent Passport marked ‘Business investor'

The French Talent Passport marked ‘Business investor' is an initiative by which the nation aims to attract foreign talent to France. Through a simplified procedure, it makes the process of obtaining residency in France a straightforward process for investors wanting to settle in France.

Investors are able to apply for a 4 year, renewable residence permit which may include their families. France offers a wide range of support initiatives such as health insurance, family subsidies and advantageous taxation incentives, that could amount to up to 50% of your personal income.

Furthermore, incentives startups may leverage incentives such as the JEI, or "Young Innovative Enterprise" which consists of a number of tax and social security exemptions intended to attract young startups with a strong element of research & development.

This makes the French Talent Passport marked ‘Business investor' programme an attractive proposition for investors looking to relocate to one of the largest economies in Europe, whilst being supported by excellent business incentives.

Committment Expectations

To apply for French residency through the French Talent Passport marked ‘Business investor', a minimum investment of EUR 300,000 in share capital investments, reinvested earnings or ‘loans between affiliated companies’, needs to be made. This means that exclusively financial investments are therefore outside the scope of the scheme.

Further to this, the amount of government-related administrative fees is approximately EUR 225.

This means that the total capital outlay for a single applicant would amount to circa EUR 300,225 excluding any service providers’ professional fees and any other fees not mentioned herein.

The Application Process

The application process typically starts with the signing of a client agreement and a power of attorney with a service provider. This facilitates the process for the applicant, as the service provider undertakes the liaison with the different stakeholders. The process then continues with the preparation of the application and the supporting documentation. As applicants might be required to enter the country at some stage of the process, It is important to check if an ordinary entry visa will be required.

An application must be submitted at least 3 months before arrival in France,through the consulate or French embassy in the applicant's usual country of residence. Once the entry-visa is issued, the applicant may enter France.

Once in France, the applicant will need to request the residence permit, through their Préfecture or Sous-Préfecture. Processing time takes approximately 1-2 months, at which stage the residence permit is then issued.

Permits are valid for 4 years after which they can be renewed.

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Real Estate

Real estate is not an eligible investment for this programme;


Personally, or via a company which is controlled, or which at least 30% shares are held by the applicant, invest a minimum of EUR 300,000 in fixed tangible or intangible assets;


Create, protect or committ to create or protect jobs within the four year visa period.


This programme does not require applicants to make a financial contribution to the state; 


Direct investments include share capital investments, reinvested earnings or ‘loans between affiliated companies’. Exclusively financial investments are therefore outside the scope of the scheme;

Investors are required to own at least 10% of the business they are investing in;

Create or protect jobs, or committ to doing so, within the four years following the investment;

Administrative Fees

EUR 200 tax paid to French Immigration and Citizenship Office (OFII);

EUR 25 Stamp duty;

And Also:

The procedure should be initiated no earlier than three months before the date of arrival in France. If the applicant is already living in France, the procedure should be initiated two months before the previous residence permit expires.