Slovenia Residence Permit Through a Business Investment

Residency | Access to Schengen Area

The Slovenia Residence Permit Through Business Investment is regulated by The Employment, Self-Employment and Work Aliens Act (ZZSDT of 2015, A/2017,UPB2/2018, and B/2018)

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  • Mobility : Access to Schengen Area May lead to permanent residency, and citizenship

  • Minimum Capital Outlay : 50,070

  • Application Processing Time : ~ 3 Months

  • Physical Presence : Required

  • Minimum Criteria : Investment in a Business

  • Pre-requisites : Main Applicant must be at least 18 years of age;Clean personal background with no criminal record;Health Insurance cover required;

About Slovenia

The Republic of Slovenia is located in the heart of Europe, bordering with Austria, Italy, Hungary, Croatia and the Adriatic sea. Slovenia's population is about 2 million and its capital city is Ljubljana. The official language spoken in Slovenia is Slovenian, but English is also widely spoken. Slovenia adopted the Euro as its currency in 2007.

Slovenia's strategic position at the heart of Europe makes it an attractive proposition for investors, especially when considering the nation's land-sea-air transport infrastructure, complemented by its ITC infrastructure, value chains, industry clusters, commercial contacts and centers of excellence. Thanks to an excellent healthcare system, Slovenia boasts strong medical tourism.

With an ideal mix of geographical location, creativity, education and one of the best qualities of life in Europe, Slovenia keeps improving its reputation with visitors and business partners alike.

Benefits Of The Slovenia Residence Permit Through a Business Investment Programme

The Slovenia residence permit through a business investment, offers a very flexible solution for residency in the European Union.

By making an eligible business investment, Slovenian residency offers visa-free travel within the Schengen area and a very high quality of life in the center of Europe. Maintaining residency for 5 years allows investors and their families to apply for permanent residency, after another 5 years, they may be eligible to apply for Slovenian citizenship and therefore, European citizenship.

Company registration is straightforward and takes an average of 5 days, which is further complemented with a corporate tax rate of 19%, 100% tax relief on amounts invested in research & development and high availability of skilled labour. Investors and entrepreneurs are free to reside outside of Slovenia, on the condition that the registered business continues to operate and remains profitable.

Commitment Expectations

To apply for permanent residence through the Slovenia residence permit through a business investment, applicants must have regular and sufficient means equal to the basic annual income in Slovenia, which may be satisfied by issuing a salary from the newly registered company, high enough to cover housing and cost of living. Adequate health insurance having as a minimum, cover of emergency medical care is also required.

A company will need to be formed and registered in Slovenia, with a minimum investment of EUR 50,000 so as to satisfy certain registration limitations.

Further to this, the amount of government-related fees is EUR 75.

This means that the total capital outlay for a single applicant, for the Slovenia residence permit through a business investment amounts to approximately EUR 50,075. This does not include service provider fees, or any other fees not mentioned here.

The Application Process

The application process typically starts with the signing of a client agreement and a power of attorney with a service provider. This facilitates the process for the applicant, as the service provider undertakes the liaison with the different stakeholders. As applicants might be required to enter the country at some stage of the process, it is important to check if an ordinary entry visa will be required.

A detailed business plan will be required outlining the the economic benefits to Slovenia which will then be presented to authorities for review, after which the company will then be incorporated. A visit to Slovenia will also be required to open a bank account.

The process then continues with the preparation of the application and the supporting documentation. The applicant will be required to attend an interview and the Slovenian Embassy in the applicant's country of residence. Processing time normally takes between 2 and 3 months.

Once an approval is received, applicants may enter Slovenia and register their personal address and for the Slovenian medical system. Permits are typically issued for short periods of time, initially and then every 12 months after that, to ensure that the business is operational and profitable.

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Real Estate

Real estate is not an eligible investment for this programme;


A recommended minimum investment of EUR 50,000 in a Slovenia-registered business;


This programme does not require applicants to make a financial contribution to the state;


Companies that employ ten or fewer workers may obtain no more than one work permit;

In addition to a valid travel document, it is suggested that third-country nationals must hold a multiple-entry visa in order to enter the Republic of Slovenia;

After starting your business in Slovenia, you can apply for a residence permit;

Administrative Fees

Application form fee of EUR 75;

And Also:

After a certain period of legal residence, you may obtain a permanent residence permit, without limitation regarding the duration or purpose of stay;

Family members may join after one year of residence in Slovenia, by the main applicant;