Saint Lucia Citizenship By Investment

Citizenship | Access to parts of the EU, Caribbean and South America

Saint Lucia's Citizenship by Investment Program was launched in December 2015 following the passage of Act No. 14 of 2015, the Citizenship by Investment Act on 24th August 2015.

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  • Mobility : Visa-free access to 145 countries

  • Minimum Capital Outlay : $ 109,800

  • Application Processing Time : ~ 3 Months

  • Physical Presence : Recommended

  • Minimum Criteria : Choice of investing in a Fund, Real Estate, Business or Bonds;

  • Pre-requisites : Main applicant must be at least 18 years of age;

About Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is located in the West Indies, about 150 km to the northwest of Barbados. It has a population of circa 179,000 and the capital is Castries. The official language is English, whilst Patois, is also spoken by the majority of the population. The East Caribbean Dollar is the official currency of Saint Lucia. The Government of St. Kitts is a parliament democracy within the Commonwealth of Nations. Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, is the head of State and is represented on Saint Lucia by a Governor-General.

Tourism accounts for approximately 65% of GDP and has been established as the highest foreign exchange earner. The second leading industry in Saint Lucia is agriculture. Saint Lucia currently ranks 77th out of 183 economies in the Doing Business Report published by the World Bank. This ranking makes Saint Lucia 8th overall in Latin America and the Caribbean and 2nd in the Caribbean Region.

The island of Saint Lucia caters to every lifestyle imaginable. From the bustling entertainment capital, Rodney Bay known for its internationally acclaimed restaurants, offering a variety of cuisines to the tranquil natural surroundings of Soufrierre which caters more to the spontaneous excursionist and adventure seeker, everyone can find their niche. Furthermore, Saint Lucia features an exciting calendar of activities including the internationally renowned music festival referred to as the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival in May of each year.

Benefits of the Saint Lucia Citizenship By Investment Program

The Saint Lucia citizenship by investment programme offers four investment routes to prospective applicants, including one of the most economic citizenship by investment options in the Caribbean. The application process is clearly defined, and applications are typically processed within three months.

Saint Lucian citizens can enjoy access to 145 countries including those in the European Union, other parts of the Caribbean and South America. Furthermore, with a relatively low crime rate, access to modern facilities, services and infrastructure, world class restaurants and hotels and prime real estate, the nation places focus on the quality of life.

Commitment expectations

To apply for citizenship in Saint Lucia through the CIP one of the following commitments is required:


  • Make a contribution of USD 100,000 for a single main applicant, to the Saint Lucia National Economic Fund. If the application includes a spouse the contribution increases to USD 165,000, whereas if the application is for a family unit of four persons the amount increases to USD 190,000, with every additional dependent after that, incurring an additional contribution of USD 25,000 each, regardless of age; or
  • Invest in a pre-approved real estate project consisting of high-end branded hotels, resorts or high-end boutique properties, for a minimum value of USD 300,000, which must be held for 5 years; or
  • Invest a minimum of USD 3.5 million in a pre-approved enterprise project, from seven categories including speciality restaurants, cruise ports and marinas, agro-processing plants, pharmaceutical products, ports, bridges, roads and highways, research institutions and facilities, and offshore universities. This investment route may be chosen as a joint-venture with other applicants, however ins such a scenario the minimum investment increases to USD 6 million, with each applicant being required to make a minimum investment of USD 1 million; or
  • A minimum purchase of USD 500,000 in non-interest-bearing Government bonds, which must be registered and remain in the name of the applicant for a 5-year holding period from the date of first issue. The minimum purchase increases to USD 535,000 is applying with a spouse, and USD 550,000 if applying as a family unit of up to 4 persons, and an additional USD 25,000 for every additional dependent after that;


Government-related due diligence fees are set at USD 7,500 for a single main applicant and an additional USD 6,000 for each dependent who is over 16 years of age. Non-refundable processing fees of USD 2,000 for a single main applicant and USD 1,000 for any other dependent are also applicable. A passport fee of USD 300 is also applicable for every individual included in the application.

Furthermore, Government administration fees apply if an applicant opts for the real estate or enterprise project investment route. USD 50,000 for the main applicant, USD 35,000 for every dependent aged 18 years or more, and USD 25,000 if younger than 18 years.

If opting for the Government bonds investment route, an administration fee of USD 50,000 per bond application will be required.

This means that the total capital outlay for a single applicant, through a contribution towards the Saint Lucia National Economic Fund would amount to approximately USD 109,500. This excludes any service providers’ professional fees.

The Application Process

The application process typically commences with the signing of a client agreement and a power of attorney with a service provider. This facilitates the liaison with the different stakeholders. All the application forms and necessary documentation will need to be completed at this stage.

The government may ask for further documentation other than what has already been submitted. This is due to the stringent due diligence process. Once the citizenship application is reviewed and assessed a letter of approval in principal is issued.

Upon approval government fees and necessary investments are made. Your Saint Lucia passport will be available as the final stage.

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Real Estate

  • A minimum real estate investment of USD 300,000, in a pre-approved real estate project consisting of a high-end branded hotel, resort or boutique property, which must be held for a minimum of five years;



  • A minimum investment of USD 3.5 million, in a pre-approved enterprise project, in one of 7 categories including, speciality restaurants, cruise ports, marinas, agro-processing plants, pharmaceutical products, ports, bridges, roads, highways, research institutions and facilities and offshore universities;



  • A minimum contribution of USD 100,000 in the Saint Lucia National Economic Fund; 
  • A minimum of USD 500,000 in non-interest-bearing government bonds, registered in the name of the main applicant for a minimum of 5 years;



  • The applicant is required to execute a binding purchase and sales agreement for an investment in an approved real estate project. Investments, equalling the agreed purchase price, are deposited in an approved irrevocable escrow account managed jointly by the developer and the Citizenship by Investment Unit in Saint Lucia

Administrative Fees

Applicable Government fees include:

  • USD 2,000 non-refundable processing fees for a single main applicant, and USD 1,000 for every dependent; 
  • USD 7,500 due diligence fees for a single main applicant, and USD 6,000 for every dependent over the age of 16; 
  • USD 300 Passport fee per applicant 

Furthermore, the following government administration fees are also applicable: 

  • USD 50,000 per bond application; 
  • USD 50,000 for a single main applicant and USD 35,000 for every dependent aged 18 or more, and USD 25,000 for every dependent under the age of 18 if choosing real estate or enterprise projects as investment routes

And Also:

  • Applicants will be expected to provide details and evidence of the proposed qualifying investment, pass a background check along with their qualifying dependents over the age of 16 and provide full and frank disclosure on all matters pertaining to the application;