CIVIQUOPro – B2B deals, made easy

Release notes

V1.0 released today!

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CIVIQUOPro is a web based platform, where you can connect easily with other agents to make B2B deals.

The platform focuses on making it easy to find B2B services, for a large selection of programmes at an international level.

With increasing numbers of programmes and service providers, having a central point of reference for being able to make B2B deals is critical as otherwise the industry becomes even more fragmented. By organising the information about service providers, according to programmes, and include information such as B2B pricing details and the ability to provide ratings, CIVIQUOPro gives the investment migration industry the infrastructure to be more organised, transparent and simple. CIVIQUOPro allows you to request three kinds of B2B services directly from service providers:
  • Submit Only – Which means that a service provider will check for the application’s completeness, correctness, undertake due diligence on all the applicants and finally submit the application;
  • Compile and Submit – Meaning that a service provider will be responsible for obtaining all the required documentation that makes up an application including statutory forms, supporting documentation, translations and notarisations, amongst other things. The application is checked for completeness, correctness, and due diligence is undertaken on all the applicants and finally, submitted to the relevant authorities.
  • The third service is called civiQUOTES and allows service providers to request a custom service, through a bidding methodology. By providing detailed information about the services required, agents are able to post these custom civiQUOTES, wait to receives offers, and then choose the offer they like most.

CIVIQUOPro saves you both time and money, empowering you to compare offers based on price and quality of service, with maximum transparency and no hidden fees.