About CiviQuo

CiviQuo is the world’s first residency and citizenship by investment e-marketplace. The platform brings together a large selection of programmes, licensed agents and intermediaries from around the world, enabling each to showcase their offering in a very simple, transparent and straightforward manner. Individuals interested in RCBI programmes do not need to browse through many different sites to find relevant information but can use CiviQuo as a resource to find information on programmes and service providers. A key feature of CiviQuo is that service providers who feature on the website need to disclose the professional fees they will be charging. Once clients have filed their RCBI application, they can also rate the service provider used. CiviQuo brings a new transparent formula that eases the process for individuals and transform the way agents market themselves.

Our Vision

Making freedom more accessible

For RCBI Agents & Service Providers

  1. Let your work speak for itself through the first RCBI agent client-review and rating
  2. Providing you with cost effective marketing whether you are a small agency or a large global firm
  3. Make use of our unified lead generation platform

For Individuals Seeking Alternative Residency Or Citizenship

  1. Alternative residency and citizenship made simpler, more personalised, less time consuming and clearer
  2. CiviQuo’s buyer protection
  3. Secure the best value for money on the services received
  4. The largest selection of quality-checked programmes and agents
Mr. Yakof Agius
CiviQuo Founder and CEO

Yakof Agius has over fifteen years’ experience in different industries and disciplines, including financial services, banking, call centre operations, IT services and residency and citizenship-by-investment (RCBI). Yakof’s broad experience is supported by an academic portfolio which is just as broad, including specialist qualifications in due diligence, AML and CFT, civil law and information technology.

Formerly a Managing Partner and Group Head of HR for one of the larger RCBI firms, Yakof was a key contributor in establishing, leading and managing the firm’s Malta offices which were crucial for both the firm’s impressive growth, the development of the Malta Individual Investor Programme (MIIP) and the RCBI industry in Malta. Yakof moved on to occupy the role of Chief Officer for Risk and Compliance for the Government agency that manages the MIIP, where he was responsible for the design and management of the due diligence process, whilst also forming part of the Board responsible for making recommendations on citizenship applications.

Yakof’s contribution, helped the MIIP’s due diligence process to be recognised as the industry’s ‘gold standard’. During his tenure at the agency, Yakof also co-created the first RCBI risk matrix. The risk matrix was developed as a framework that enables the standardisation of due diligence across the RCBI industry.